The Squeesome team


A bit about us

Hi! We’re the couple behind Squeesome Design Studio. We are a husband and wife team of creatives specializing in all things WordPress. We discovered the awesomeness that is the WordPress platform back in 2008, and we haven’t looked back since then.

We have branded, designed and maintained hundreds of WordPress websites, so we are confident when we say we’re pretty WordPress savvy. We pride ourselves on being a friendly and approachable design team. From project start to finish, our customer service cannot be beat.

We try to make every part of the design process enjoyable and easy for the customer. We offer our services at an affordable rate because we believe that quality need not be expensive.


Resident Artist
I take care of the creative side of the business. My weapon of choice is Affinity Designer. I’m a designer, a biker, an in-house chef, and an anime enthusiast.


Resident Nerd
I am queen of coding in our domain and take care of the technical side of things. WordPress coder during the day, Netflix binge-watcher at night.

Support Staff


Resident Artist-in-Training
I am twelve and I assist in making graphics. I can make illustrations, icons, gifs and animations. I love memes, watching YouTube and playing with Niall.


Resident Mascot
I basically sleep at the office all day, sniff around and bark at suspicious sounds when I'm awake. I like playtime, treats and bossing everyone around.