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Here’s what some of our clients have to say about their experiences working with us on a web design project.

When I decided to start my blog, I had a clear picture of what I wanted it to be, and was unsure if I could articulate my desires clearly. The good people at Squeesome not only understood what I wanted, they delivered. I am so very proud of my blog, and know that its solely thanks to their amazing work!!

audrey, usa

Squeesome Designs is an absolute pleasure to work with. They took my very mediocre site and made it into something I truly love. My readers love how easy it is to use, and over time, we’ve continued to improve the functionality. I’m also secretly obsessed with the color schemes and the amazing logo they designed for me! They’re very responsive to my requests, despite the fact that we live in opposite time zones.

sue, usa

Squeesome! must be your go to SITE DEVELOPER! They are a fun bunch to talk to, quick and easy ninja installers, very affordable services and delivers your expectations. My sincere thanks to you guys! Stay awesome!

ivy, philippines

One website was sleek and elegant yet homey at the same time. One website was dainty and approachable. Squeesome got just what I wanted! Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job on my blogs. I love them!

peachy, philippines

Squeesome is amazing. So easy to work with and goes above and beyond. I will definitely be back for more. Thanks a ton guys.

manal, canada

Squeesome has been with me for more than five years and I will always continue to work with them. My website has gone through so many changes and they were patient with each and every request. Their work speaks for itself. HIGHLY recommended.

sai, usa

I can’t recommend Squeesome enough! As a complete beginner to the website scene, they answered any questions I had quickly and efficiently. They completely understood the look I was going for and the turnaround time was awesome. Thanks again!

emma-louise, australia

I LOVE Kaye and Paulie. They sign off their emails with “Squeesome Ninjas!” because they truly are. I couldn’t be more pleased with what they designed for my blog. I had a vision that they nailed! I am so grateful! Thanks, Kaye and Paulie!

erin, usa

I highly recommend Squeesome Designs. I have hired them to work on various projects for the past 5 years and I have always been thrilled with the results. They are able to come up with the perfect ideas and respond quickly to my own ideas. I am consistently amazed by the work they produce, so much so that after they designed several sites for me, I had them design my book cover which has been a huge hit. If you want fast, professional, excellent quality results, Squeesome is the best!

marci, usa

Squeesome is truly are fantastic! I had a vague idea of what I wanted my blog to look like, but they came up with something so perfect. I love how clean cut and professional my pages now look. Thank you Squeesome!

laura, uk

I’m a perfectionist and can be a little anal retentive about the “small” things, but Squeesome patiently worked through my requests and everything was exactly as I envisioned it. I’m so appreciative of your work and can’t thank you enough for being so accommodating, flexible and responsive! I look forward to working with you again in the updates of my site soon!

joanne, australia

The Squeesome team was so incredibly awesome. They knew exactly what I wanted from the first email. I will definitely use their services in the again for future projects. Thank you so much!

camille, usa

Squeesome understood right away the direction I wanted to go to in the design for my blogs. Yes, all my blogs are designed by them. I was not disappointed, they had come up with beautiful themes every time, all of them I could never get tired of. Just seeing my blog makes me smile. I will definitely be working with them again on my future projects.

jade, philippines

Why…I’m the queen of procrastinators! Ergo, a one-year overdue and late thank you for the awesome job you’ve always delivered!!! Super smart (coz you totally get it!) and creative — yet very respectful of my own wishes (you’re so tolerant of my control issues, tee hee). Very professional, prompt and very organized too. And me wanting to fill up my website with personal content after the turn over actually felt more like I wanna do it because I didn’t want to disappoint you (or disrespect your wonderful and awesome work) rather than serving my own goals. I’m serious. And that’s a compliment. So, despite the struggle in my crazy-sexy sched…I’m finally working on it (it never left my To Do list)….and lo and behold, you being there to answer to my random whims and questions and still coming to the rescue an entire year after is just so epic awesome. Like for Ripley’s or something. superlative NAKS Love, C.

clarisse, usa

Hi, I’m Yami. I’m a certified Squeesome Designs addict. It all started from one blog. Now, I’ve got five blogs (and counting) designed by the best tandem in custom blog design named Kaye and Paul. Is there a cure for blog design addiction?

yami, philippines

Squeesome was such a pleasure to work with. From the moment work started on my new layout, they were helpful and very accommodating towards the needs of my blog. I really appreciated the personal touches put into my blog and will be back for add-ons when I’m ready to step it up! Thank you so much.

cassie, australia

I am more than pleased with the design of my blog. The process was fast, easy and I received exactly what I wanted; not to mention affordable. I wanted something simple but eye catching and Squeesome delivered perfectly. I will be back later when I get more acclimated with blogging to add on even more. Thanks!!

nicole, usa

This is the team to do your blog design! I am SO thankful for having Squeesome design my blog. I had a little mishap and they handled it very professionally. They were done within 2 days! It has everything I asked for, and they responded to my emails right away. I am so glad I chose Squeesome Designs for my first blog, and I will come back!

alexandria, usa

There is so much that can be said about Squeesome, I don’t know where to start! Honestly, their portfolio speaks for itself, you’ll be hard pressed to find many designers who have such a broad range, and the ability to bring out the blogger’s individuality each time; and certainly not at such an affordable price!

I gave Squeesome so little to work with, only telling them what my blog was and that I wanted it to be feminine and colorful. What I got was something better than I ever could have imagined, exactly what I wanted only better. As if that wasn’t enough, their customer service can’t be beat. They were open to suggestions and made some of their own, as a matter of fact they even took the time to tell me that some of the things I had already installed may be better another way and fixed it for me.

Not only that, after designing the blog they thought that maybe I had ordered too many add-ons and didn’t want the blog to look too busy so they returned the fees of those add-ons to me. What I’m trying to say is that they goes out of their way to make sure that you have a beautiful CLEAN blog that is completely yours. From beginning to end, my blog was up and running in FOUR DAYS from when they started. I am so impressed by everything about Squeesome.

I can’t imagine ever wanting to give my amazing blog a makeover, but if I ever get to that point I will DEFINITELY be using them every time!

eileen, usa

After browsing Etsy and Google for inexpensive WordPress custom design, I can across Squeesome! They did a custom design for my blog and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the outcome. They were very thorough and prompt via email. I would most definitely work with Team Squeesome again! Thank you Kaye and Paul!

elise, usa

I am so glad that something led me to Squeesome. I gave them an idea for my blog and they ran with it! They turned an idea in my mind into reality, and they communicated with me every step of the way! I am so thankful for their service! Thanks for everything!

sherelle, usa

I contacted Squeesome to do a blog makeover for my book review blog and I am completely satisfied with their level of service and communication. They were very patient with me and all of my many questions. I love the new look of my blog and will recommend them to others and will use their services again in the future!! Thanks again!!

tiffany, usa

Squeesome was very easy to work with. Not only did they revise my design countless times until it was exactly how I wanted it to look, but they also helped me iron out technical details in the weeks that followed.

ruth, usa

Web designers Paul and Kaye Iñigo, the lovely couple behind Squeesome, listened to every need I had and worked hard to make them happen. Our email correspondence are long and tedious (around 100 in total). Despite my constant requests for the smallest of changes, they always responded with a smile and happily worked to turn my site into what I envisioned it to be. Thank you for not giving up, guys!

cat jl, philippines

I LOVE my site! And I have Squeesome to thank for it. Kaye and Paul were the easiest people to work with. Collaborating with them was a breeze. They were very professional and efficient. A couple of months after they installed my theme, I had a problem with my website and I contacted Kaye and Paul. They could have easily ignored me but they helped me! I am so grateful! Thanks, Kaye and Paul! More power to you guys! Oh, did I mention I love my site?!

clarice, philippines

Once again. The kind and resourceful people at Squeesome have done it again! This is my third time working with them. Once for the original design, once for additional add-ones and small changes (per my request) and most recently an entire site over-haul. As I’ve been on WordPress and have become more familiar with what is available – they have been there all along to advise and assist in any changes I wanted to try. My current design was a 180 from where “my” initial idea began and I truly couldn’t be any happier! They are diligent, creative, and timely. As I side note – I was able to suggest and try 3 things before going back to the first! And not one time did I feel bothersome (though I know I can be!) – but it’s for that reason as well as all the above that I love these guys! Superb job!!!

melissa, usa

Squeesome did a wonderful job helping me install my new theme and also they were very patient with me when I had my finals that same week. I definitely recommend squeesome to those who are looking for new designs. They do beautiful designs that are simple a totes adorable!

chyna, philippines

I am so thrilled with my blog design from Squeesome!! The design is clean and professional but still fun. Within a few days of my blog being live I had already received many comments from readers about how great it looks. The team at Squeesome were wonderful to work with – excellent communication, very responsive and very efficient. And all for a very reasonable price. Thank you Squeesome!

kylie, australia

Working with Kaye and Paulie was an amazing experience. I knew I had made the right choice after reading their first email. With the advice of a friend, I reluctantly didn’t give any specific instructions and just let them create. I couldn’t have been more pleased with the finished product! They were able to completely capture me in a clean, sleek design that exceeded my expectations. They were always willing to answer my questions and help in any way. When using past web designers, I had never had a design that captured me or my blog on a final draft. However, Squeesome hit a home run on the first draft! I would highly recommend them for any of your future web design – you won’t be sorry! They’re fast, efficient, while producing a top quality design.

lauren, usa

Squeesome did an absolutely wonderful job creating my blog. I was super picky about my blog with the colors, theme, placement, and they managed to complete all of my requests wonderfully. They even helped me after it was done which was very helpful. They are reliable and give you specific feedback right away which is so nice. I would definitely recommend Squeesome to anyone who needs help or ideas with their blog! Everything is so cute and they formulate your ideas into a perfect design. They are so awesome and I am so happy with my blog!

kathryn, usa

Kaye and Paul are extremely friendly, helpful and warm; they made me feel appreciated as a customer and handled everything during the process from installing to tweaking in a professional, efficient manner. I was very happy with the outcome and will most definitely be using Squeesome again in the future. I highly recommended them to anyone looking to give their website a special makeover, you will not be disappointed!

kate, uk

Choosing Squeesome Designs was the best choice I could have made for my new website. You can’t find a company more patient and willing to make you a layout and tweak it until they know you are 100% happy. They always maintained great communication, kept me updated with the process, and left me with a brand new theme installed and ready to go. They definitely have a customer for life here.

tiffany, usa

I have long been wanting to have my blog tweaked to my personal liking, I have searched on the depths of the internet to find the best, most reliable & most cost-effective web designer that could help me prettify my blog. Luckily for me, I found Squeesome Design Studio. I felt relieved as I was browsing along their website & scanning through their design portfolio, especially when I laid my eyes on the pre-made theme which pretty much resembled what I’ve long been wanting for my blog. I couldn’t thank you enough for the fast execution of your services. All the best! I know now who to call when I need another tweak to spice up my blog. Thank you once again. Happy and satisfied client here, no complaints.

ludelle, philippines

Squeesome Designs was everything I’ve ever wanted in a designer. Their ideas were unbelievably gorgeous, incorporating my picky detail-oriented emails with their own flawless creativity. Their revisions were perfect, and it was so stress-free to work with them. I am so grateful to them for their lovely work and kindness throughout the entire process and will be highly recommending them to anybody ever looking for design work. Wow!

grace, usa